Tuesday, 30 April 2013

One day to go!

Today is a bit mental, in the best way possible. I'm steaming ahead to get the last university ends tied up, there's loads of stuff everywhere, all over the house. Myself and my dad are driving up tomorrow afternoon to get the evening boat from Oban to Craignure, Mull. I'll climb Ben More on the evening of the 1st, (if the weather's good) or on the morning of the 2nd (the more sensible option?).

I mentioned a film in my first post. I'll be joined on Mull by two really creative guys; Neil Allan and Liam Dickson, who will be coming to Mull to assist in filming my Munro Round. I'll be releasing a film about it later on in the year - watch this space!

To complete the line-up, I got a surprise call from Dougie from the Mountaineering Club, to say him and Craig would be joining me for Mull. Brilliant!

So all is nearly in place, and now I'm super-keen to get the trip underway. The weather may be rough for the first few days, but I'm hoping it will brighten up as the forecasters say it will. Trips like these are so weather-centric and it dictates so much. I'm looking forward to getting to Glen Coe, my first mental checkpoint beyond the beginning. I'll have the convenience of the Clachaig, youth hostels, shops down the road and a couple of easier hill days (hopefully). I can't really see beyond that at the moment. And I also don't feel like I've got one night left at home before leaving for a good long while. In fact I don't really feel much at all except the desire to get going and get settled into a routine.

But for now - get this uni finished.

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