Monday, 17 June 2013

Day 43 - Enforced rest!

13 June

Today, I meant to be up to Drumochter after a day of rest. Instead, I found myself having a second day of rest. Why? Because I bought my first car, with no small thanks to my parents.

You'll probably have noticed that I've been going with a car on the Round, so this seemed as good a time as any to get my first and finally give my mums hers back. ;-) The reason I had to take a rest day was the car wouldn't be ready until the following morning.

I had a full day off, with nothing planned and nothing I could do hill-wise. I felt physically fresh, what to do? It was a novelty, a very welcome one. Even on my conventional rest days, I always feel slightly edgy, because there was so much to do outside of just walking. You'd be amazed. But suddenly I had a day to myself, with none of that other stuff to do.

So I went to Dumbarton Rock, my home from home, and somewhere I've grown to love. It was very odd being back, seeing faces and things that are so removed from current existence. It was nice to go back. I did some climbing, made some progress on Sabotage and went home after tea-time feeling really tired. A complete shift from the continuous walk thing. I really enjoyed myself.

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